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A constructed wetland is a nature-based wastewater treatment system. Pollutants removed by a number of simple and natural processes. These processes are generated by the interaction of water, plants, microorganisms, soil, gravel and the atmosphere. Polluted water can be treated sustainably using the power of nature and energy from the sun with minimal operation and maintenance costs. Over the past decades, we have developed hundreds of constructed wetlands projects, creating new ecosystems in the process. These range from compact sewage treatment systems up to the world's largest constructed wetland project: The Nimr Water Treatment Plant in the Sultanate of Oman.


Our competence provides full life-cycle support from design, financing, construction and operation of constructed wetlands.



    • - low operating costs
    • - carbon positive treatment of wastewater
    • - simple maintenance and operation



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    • - low operational expenditure
    • - carbon positive treatment of wastewater
    • - simple maintenance and operation



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    • - domestic/municipal sewage
    • - sludge dewatering
    • - industrial wastewater



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Solutions for all Locations

With the Power of Nature.

Our nature-based solutions reliably treat any type of wastewater in a purely biological way. And are also available in different designs. From small to large. Suitable for all locations.

Depending on the project requirements we employ various wetland technologies individually or in combination.

Various Technologies

  • Type 1 is a vertical flow system, an optimized and flexible standard solution for many locations that can be used for treatment of sewage.

  • Type 2 is a horizontal subsurface flow system, used in combination with pretreatment or with the Type 1 system. A hybrid system (Type 1 followed by Type 2) achieves high treatment quality while eliminating the production of sewage sludge.


  • Type 3 is a surface flow wetland, suitable for large scale applications including polishing of sewage effluent, produced water from the oil and gas industry, agricultural runoff and urban stormwater.



Sustainable, user-friendly, affordable: there's really no other way to describe our compact ReedBox®. By means of aerated constructed wetland, wastewater can be treated very easily with minimal maintenance and operational requirements – even without using chemicals. Due to the container design, the Reedbox® can be mobilized without any problems and put into operation quickly and easily thanks to the plug and play function. Leasing of the Reedbox® is also possible – including service around the clock.

Reference Projects

Nimr Water Treatment Plant

In the middle of a desert landscape in Oman, we have been operating the world's largest commercial reed bed treatment plant for the cleaning of polluted water from oil production since 2008. The plant is significant not only with a gigantic area of 13.5 km2 and a remarkable treatment capacity of up to 175,000 m3 of water per day, but also in terms of sustainability. By using natural flow processes, no energy-intensive pumps are required to treat the polluted water throughout the system. Specifically, the water is fed to the plant via a supply pipeline and passed through an oil and water separator. The water is then distributed by gravity into 4 terraces. Once the cleaning process is complete, the treated water is reused for specific algae growth, agriculture and potable water production.



  • Recovery
    900 barrels
    of crude oil per day


  • Energy saving
    500 MWh
    per day


  • Reduction
    200,000 tons
    carbon emission


Nature based solutions for the oil & gas sector – the Nimr Water Treatment Plant.

Case Study

Community with a population of 80,000

With our full financial backing and partnership, we can support you and your community by providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that will not only utilize, but enhance the existing environmental infrastructure.

  • Population


  • Water flow
    40,000 m3 /d


  • Savings of energy
    UP TO 90%


  • Savings of overall treatment costs
    UP TO 15%


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
    UP TO 60%


No capital expenditures required due to Design, Build, Own & Operate (DBOO) model.


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